My Favorite Photos From Our 2023 Album

2023 is at an end, and January is when I start putting together another family photo album! Every year, I sort the personal photos I take with my camera into folders by month, then put together a family album. I love seeing all the sweet memories from the past year, and it’s always amazing how different the kids will look just 12 months earlier! This year I wanted to share some of my favorites here on the blog. 2023 was full of lots of family fun and I’m so thankful to have a few images to look back on and remember these times when my kids are so little still!

Someone loved his birthday donut from Papa!
Maren lost three of her front center teeth in the week before Christmas, and her smile was unforgettable for several weeks!
Making maple syrup with dad!
Duck Lake State park is a favorite of ours in the spring!
First camping trip of 2023- Ludington State Park
Maren’s dream of a lemonade stand came true for her 7th birthday! It poured that day so it had to move inside, but her family pulled through and she had customers still!
This cheesy smile of Rhett’s will be one of my forever favorites!
The first Polaris trip of the year, and also the first weekend away Tate and I had since Rhett was born!
4th of July with family up in Newberry! We had to see Crisp Point again!
Our annual tradition of the parade and fireworks in Grand Marais
A zoo trip with cousins!
Blueberry picking with most of the cousin crew!
Family week at the cabin with just our household. Slow paced and perfect!
Some locals shared their blueberry picking spot with us when they saw us picking on the road side. I’ve never seen such big wild blueberry bushes before!
Vermillon Point behind the kids
The best static hair!

Happy 2024!!

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