Christmas Cards- One Of My Favorite Little Traditions

One thing I love every year is putting together a Christmas card! It isn’t something I grew up very familiar with, but I loved receiving them in the mail each Christmas season once I was married. How often do we get such fun mail in our mail boxes anymore? And it’s so fun to see the beautiful photos on my fridge! When Maren was born I decided to jump into sending out cards ourselves. I also make sure to always keep an extra card for myself and it’s really fun to be able to flip through each year’s card!

Can I admit something though? Between busy season with my photography business and other holiday preparations- I almost always seem to end up ordering my Christmas cards last minute from…Wal-Mart. Yikes. Last year, my first set came with an orange glow on our faces that looked like we’d all been badly spray tanned! This year I’m determined to use a printer for my cards that I know will be amazing. I found an amazing company to order from, and I’m so excited that I had to share them with you!

Basics invites is a Christmas card maker with dozens of customizable options! What really has me excited is the 100+ color choices! You can select a background color AND font colors for any of their designs! You don’t have to settle on the template style because it’s the only one with the color scheme you were hoping for; you can make almost any template fit your colors! I absolutely love the flexibility this gives and I’m so excited to take advantage of it this year!! They also have over 40 envelope colors to choose from. All of the choices really set them apart from any other card company I’ve looked at!

There is a huge variety of styles, from simple cards with minimal text like this one, to classic framed cards with plenty of room for little notes (I always like to include the age of each of the kids!). If you celebrate Hanukkah or prefer sending New Years themed cards, they have options for you!

If you’re a dog mom or dad, you’re not left out either! There are so many cute dog Christmas card options too! Basic invites really does have a little bit of everything! If you decide to join me and give Basic Invites a try this year, be sure to use the code HOLI30 for 30% off of your order and let me know how you like your Christmas cards!

I’m going to make it even easier for you and link their website and social platforms right here for you! You can find @basicinvite on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and their website!

*This post was created through a paid sponsorship with Basic Invites

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