Rhett turns one!!

I know this is my third baby, and I KNOW how fast the first year flies by after seeing it happen with my first two babies. I still wasn’t prepared for this to sneak up on me! Rhett is one!! He’s my little thrill seeker, who loves being swung around and who thinks falling over is funny. He’s kept us on our toes from the very beginning. We came home from the hospital for 24 hours only to end up in the nicu. He refused to learn to sit up until he was ready and he scoots around everywhere because crawling apparently isn’t his thing. At 6 lbs 4 ounces, he was our first small baby and I’m still struggling to get him to gain weight.

Rhett’s full of crazy, squinty eyed smiles. He’s into everything and cruising along furniture. We are never bored for a moment when he’s in the room and I swear he’s already trying to make us laugh. We like to joke that he’s our little raccoon because he’s constantly into everything, and his wild streak is already showing!

With each of my babies I’ve tried to keep up on taking a monthly photo. It might not be perfect, or on the exact day they hit that next monthly milestone, but at the end of the year I love being able to look back and watch them grow month by month! I put Rhett’s monthly photos together for the blog, along with some of my favorites of him from the last year!

I took about 5 maternity pictures this pregnancy, but right after I snapped this one I knew I wanted to recreate it when he turned one!
Rhett has been our first to really love his paci!
I’ll forever love photos of his fuzzy hair stage!
It’s amazing how their pernalities start to shine through so quickly!
He loves to slip snacks to the dog

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