Weston’s Senior Session In Downtown Fremont

I had fun working with a lot of senior girls last year, and just a few guys. Weston was the first senior guy of 2020! He’s also my younger brother(fun fact, I actually have FIVE brothers).

Weston is one of those laid back guys with a hilarious dry sense of humor. Things are always more fun with him around, so a senior session with him was a great time! We started out at an old farm location for a few shots, but my favorites are when we changed locations and went to downtown Fremont! There’s such a variety of spots in Fremont! My absolute favorite ended up being a rusty old guard rail off the side of a building. It looked like a rough spot from a distance, but it’s all about your perspective!

I can’t wait to see what this guy does in the future!

I love this shot in black and white!
  1. Warren Leemgraven says:

    Awesome… and never tell me again that Weston never smiles … It’s hard for me to believe that those (5) little babies that we lovingly refer to as “The Bigs” REALLY are wonderful, grown up young women and men today…

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