Craig & Erin’s Winter Country Engagement

I don’t think I can start any other way, than by telling you how fun this pair is! Craig was my husband’s best man, so I’ve known him for a long time now and already new he’d make this session a good time! I haven’t known Erin as long, but spending just part of a day with these two I could already see that they’re a perfect pair. They were up for anything, and kept it all full of laughter!

Our first location was a snowy hillside in Fremont and on my drive over the radio announced it was *14* degrees outside. A little chillier than I was hoping for! When we moved to our second location, the farm where Erin’s horse is boarded, a nice breeze managed to make it even colder! Craig and Erin toughed it out and you’d never be able to guess looking through their gallery!

I couldn’t be more excited for this spring wedding in just a few months!!

I love that Hope made an appearance for a few shots!! She is such a beautiful girl!
Erin’s soft smile here is just gorgeous! She’s going to be such a stunning bride!

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